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The Montjuïc Veterinary Hospital was founded in Barcelona in May 1990 by Dr. Héctor Arias with the vocation and hope of becoming National reference Veterinary Center. Faithful to this objective, and motivated by the need to adjust the quality of service to the demand of our clients, in November 2010, the new hospital was inaugurated.

The Center is one of the most modernandprestigious healthcare facilities dedicated to veterinary medicine in Europe, withmore than 2,100 m², where a medical team of the highest prestige, state-of-the-art diagnostic systems and all medical and surgical specialties come together.

The Montjuïc Veterinary Hospital is the sum of technologymost modern veterinary medicine and the best personal attention. It is distinguished by offering aquick and effective responseto the health needs of its patients, combining humane treatment with medical excellence.

The main objective of the Montjüic Veterinary Hospital is to offer our clients and their pets,high-quality veterinary services with a high technical and scientific level, that allow you to satisfy your needs with excellence.

The quality of care we offer to our patients and the search for improvements in health treatment and prevention are the cornerstones of our philosophy:

  • Offer our patients the best medical treatment, humane treatment and excellence in service.

  • The effectiveness of professional actions as the main commitment.

  • Ensure technological and scientific innovation.

  • Maintain the constant desire to improve the services provided.

  • The provision of all medical units with state-of-the-art technology that allows minimally invasive methods to be applied.

  • Develop preventive medicine as one of the pillars on which to base the quality of life of our patients.

  • The organization of health education and scientific dissemination programs aimed at both the general public and the veterinary community.

  • Work to improve animal welfare, defending their rights and avoiding any type of suffering.

  • Caring about our contribution to the well-being of our people and the progress of society.

  • Get involved in the preservation of the natural environment and the environment.



24 hour emergencies

The Hospital Emergency Service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days year.

Diagnostic imaging

Our diagnostic imaging service allows us to see and evaluate the functioning of your pet's bones and lungs.  

Endoscopy and minimally invasive surgery

Endoscopy is currently an increasingly used technique in veterinary medicine because it is a non-invasive and minimally invasive procedure.

ICU - Hospitalization

Intensive medicine is a medical specialty dedicated to the provision of life support or support to the organic systems in patients whothey are critically ill

Behavioral Medicine

We develop the treatment of behavioral problems in companion animals, canine education, animal-assisted therapy and training for other professionals, led by ethologist Jaume Fatjo.

Veterinary Specialties

At the Montjuic Veterinary Hospital we have highly qualified veterinary staff in various veterinary specialties.

Wellness Clinic

With physiotherapy we seek to ensure that the functionality of our pets' musculoskeletal system reaches an optimal state.

Laboratory and clinical analysis 

The Montjuïc Veterinary Hospital has an internal clinical analysis laboratory, specialized in diagnostic tests for pets.

blood bank

In routine veterinary practice, there are numerous situations that require the use of blood transfusions or its derivatives.

Hydrotherapy pool

We take advantage of the principles and properties of water to perform aquatic therapy.

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Our address

Carrer Mexico 30
08004 Barcelona
Tel: +34 93 423 77 11

Consultation hours

Monday – Friday 09:00AM – 19:00PM

Saturdays 09:00AM – 14:00PM


24 Hour Emergencies

934 23 77 11

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