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Ethology: Behavioral Medicine 

Ethogroup is a group made up of highly experienced ethologists and canine educators, who, in close collaboration with the rest of the Hospital's specialists, develop the treatment of behavioral problems in companion animals, canine education, animal-assisted therapy and training for others. professionals.

Ethology aims to diagnose, treat and prevent behavioral problems or problematic behaviors, that is, those behaviors that do not allow a good coexistence between the owner and the animal. For this reason, behavioral problems are an issue that increasingly worries society, hence the need to go to an ethologist to correctly resolve these problems in a respectful way towards the animal.


This team gives vital importance to prevention, offering a wide range of services to promote the relationship between the owner and the animal, acting from the moment the animal arrives at the home. For this reason, one of the fundamental tasks is the training of professionals related to companion animals to be able to educate, train, detect the first symptoms of a behavioral problem and have basic knowledge to be able to advise their clients.

There are different methods to educate and modify behavior, but studies carried out over the last decades show that the use of methods based on a positive reinforcement system give spectacular results. For this reason and because of our respect for animals, the work system we use is based solely on the application of these methods, reinforcing the owner-animal bond, which is why we treat animals through their owner.

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