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Work system

positive method

Ethogroup only works with positive methods towards animals.

A good knowledge of natural behavior, possible reactions to different stimuli and animal body language is essential to understand why the dog or cat shows certain behaviors. With these bases and the knowledge of the most innovative behavior modification techniques, undesirable behaviors can be modified.
The use of positive methods allows you to work with a relaxed, stress-free and motivated dog. A dog that receives this type of treatment will be a happy dog. Positive systems are not based only on rewarding the animal when it performs an exercise correctly, but on getting it to perform them through correct motivation, replacing traditional techniques such as punishment, invasion, coercion, etc. by positive-based techniques throughout the process.


Personalized education

Assessing the animal as a particular individual, taking into account the relationship with its environment (family, home, habits, etc.) allows the educational process to be adapted to the real needs and characteristics of both the dog and its owners. Thus achieving the results of the activity faster and those desired by the owner.

Dog Owner Bond

Our main motivation is to achieve a good coexistence between owner and pet. For this reason we are based on the education of the owner, providing him with the knowledge so that he can better understand what the needs of his pet are, understand his behaviors and in this way be able to correctly control the situation day by day throughout his entire life. of the dog or cat.

Maintaining these principles not only respect for the animal but also long-lasting and reliable results is achieved.

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