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Dog groomer

Since our beginnings in 1990, directed by Lluïsa Royo, we offer our dog grooming service, where all types of grooming, commercial or exhibition, comfortable and current, are carried out, always enhancing the beauty of the pet. We use all techniques, stripping, trimming or scissor work, according to the needs of the specimen, and always valuing the best for the animal.

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In all our arrangements we highlight the standard ones or in the case of cross-breed specimens, we try to highlight their virtues. Additionally, we are poodle specialists.

We always check the nails, if necessary, remove the hair from inside the ears and empty the anal sacs. All this is necessary for the correct hygiene of our pet. For our clients we want the best, which is why we have chosen high-quality cosmetics, using the appropriate shampoo and conditioner according to their hair or skin type. Our modern and safe facilities help us work comfortably and receive our clients as they deserve.

In constant training and enthusiastic about her profession, Lluïsa participates in international championships. Champion of Catalonia and twice Best Spanish Competition Groomer, with numerous medals in different categories in several European countries, "Best in Show" 2010 in the International Competition of Belgium, absolute winner of the prestigious Oster European Dog Grooming Championship, held in Calella of Palafrugell, which is accessed only by invitation and which brings together the most recognized dog groomers during the year, an essential condition being that they have obtained at least one gold medal in previous championships. Member of the Creative Artero Team, she teaches seminars throughout Europe and is the author of different articles for sector publications.

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