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Laboratory and clinical analyzes

The Montjuïc Veterinary Hospital has an internal clinical analysis laboratory, specialized in diagnostic tests for pets, in which we perform most of the analyzes immediately, to complement our clinical work.


Among the different services offered by our laboratory we find:

  • Hematology and blood biochemistry: they allow us to immediately assess the state of your pet's main vital organs, as well as determine the state of its defenses, anemia, etc.

  • Urinalysis: With this test, we check all the physical-chemical and microbiological parameters of your pet's urine.

  • Coagulation:Immediately, we have machinery capable of performing tests that determine whether your pet's blood clots normally or not.

  • Endocrinology:With these tests and in collaboration with specialized laboratories, we offer you the possibility of discovering the presence of hormonal diseases that can cause alterations in your pet's hair and metabolism.

  • Microbiology, parasitology and mycology: We perform coprological analyzes to rule out or confirm the presence of internal parasites in your pet, in addition to performing microbiological cultures in order to confirm bacterial or fungal infections.

  • Immunology: It informs us about our patients' antibodies, which reveal the presence and activity of microorganisms in their dog, as well as tests on the different allergies that their pet may develop.

  • Drug analysis: In chronic pathologies that require lifelong medications, we monitor drug levels in your pet's blood in order to optimize the dose.

  • Molecule biologyA: In collaboration with German and French laboratories, we offer you the possibility of performing tests that detect the genome of pathogens in your animal, as well as genetic diseases of your own pet.

  • Pathological anatomy:A service arranged with prestigious specialized laboratories, allows us to know the nature of tumors and other processes exactly.

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