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Services and activities

  • Clinical ethology for dogs and cats: Visits at home or in approved centers for the diagnosis and treatment of behavioral problems. It is a personalized service that adjusts to each owner.

  • Group and individual behavior modifications: Sessions where owner and dog carry out specific exercises under the supervision of the specialist to solve specific behavioral problems. Depending on the problem, the participation of other trained dogs or people in controlled environments may be necessary.

  • Education: Group or individual programs for learning basic commands to achieve good management of the animal.

  • Puppy courses: Advice to owners for the education and prevention of behavioral problems in the puppy in small group courses for personalized attention and optimal socialization of the puppy.

  • Puppy education at home: Advice to owners for personalized education, prevention and resolution of puppy behavior problems.

  • Advice to optimize the well-being of domestic cats: Personalized study at home for advice on the well-being of cats in a domestic environment.

  • Advice on acquiring a pet: Depending on the characteristics of the owners (habits, routines, free time, space and other variables) we offer them advice to make a responsible acquisition that adjusts as much as possible to their expectations.

  • Training dogs with visual deficits or total vision loss: Our team uses specific techniques to facilitate the adaptation of dogs with visual problems or those who have lost their vision to a normal life.

  • Training dogs with hearing deficits or total hearing loss: Our team uses specific techniques to facilitate the adaptation of dogs with hearing problems or those who have lost their hearing to a normal life.

  • Training for professionals:Training courses for professionals related to domestic animals.

  • Preparation of assistance dogs with user: Education and learning of specific skills by assistance dogs.

  • Therapies: Participation in assisted therapy programs with companion animals in medical, social and educational institutions.

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